How do I register?

To register, please click “Sign in” at the top of the screen. Once on the Sign In page, click the option to “sign up for a new account”


Why do I need to register?

In order to submit a request for support, you must register. This enables you to track and view your requests for support.


What do you do with the information that you collect?

The information collected is used to process your application. It is shared with the relevant platforms of the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit in order for us to identify the best way to support your project. Any information provided will remain strictly confidential. When you sign up for an account, and when you submit a request, you will be asked to check a disclaimer describing how how your data will be used and that you consent to its use.


How do I ask a question?

The Frequently Asked Questions section is updated regularly in response to commonly asked questions. Before asking a question, please review these to check whether your query has already been resolved. To ask a question, complete the Contact Us section.


What are your timelines for responding to a question?

We aim to respond to all questions within three working days. If it is not possible to resolve your query within this timeframe (for example, if it requires input from our steering committee) then we will contact you to let you know the timeframe for response and status of your query.


What support do you offer?

The Alberta SPOR Support unit can provide letters of support for submission to a grant funding agency, expertise regarding project refinement and feasibility and support of active projects. We have expertise in patient engagement, data, methods, pragmatic clinical trials, knowledge translation and career development. For more information on the services offered and the platforms please click here.


How do I access support?

First register with the Alberta SPOR Support Applications portal using the steps laid out above. Once registered click the “Requests” button at the top of the screen then once you have been taken to the Request List page, select “Create a New Request”. You will be asked to select either Project Services or Letter of Support. The requirements for each submission vary and are laid out in the table below.


Request Request form Ethics approval  Award letter Other document(s)
Project Services Yes If applicable If applicable Other relevant materials
Letter of support Yes n/a n/a Other relevant materials


The request form can be downloaded here.


Who should submit the application?

We request that only one team member submits an application per request for support. Multiple submissions will result in your application being processed more slowly. The applicant should ideally be the Principal Investigator or the local lead investigator within the province.


I submitted my application but realized it is incomplete. Can I retrieve my application to amend it?

Submitted applications can be reviewed on the Request List page. Once an application has been submitted it becomes read only. If you realize you have made an error or an omission in your application, please contact as soon as possible.


What is your process for review?

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT unit aims to streamline the process for researchers accessing support for patient-oriented research. Each submitted request is assigned a Case Manager who directs you through the process and can answer any questions.

The review process checks eligibility with regards to:

  • Geography - research conducted in Alberta and/or Northwest Territories
  • Patient-oriented research
  • End-user engagement
  • Potential to impact on patients or health system

The platform lead/s from which the support is requested will review your application. The Case Manager will ensure that it is coordinated across the different platforms for which support is being requested.

We will review and modify our criteria and processes over time.


What are your timelines for responding to a request for support?

We aim to provide letters of support within five working days of receipt of a request. We aim to provide a decision on whether a project will be accepted for support within two weeks of the application. If the project is complex and requires discussion from multiple platforms, then the decision may take longer than this. When you submit an application, we will advise you of the timelines.


I would like further clarification on the response I received. Who do I contact?

Once you submit an application, you are assigned a Case Manager. If you require clarification at any point in time, please contact your Case Manager and they will ensure a coordinated response.